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La Révolte des Machines ou La Pensée Déchaînée de Frans Masereel

An exhibition of works generated by Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Models resulting in sculptural objects produced by 3D printing and CNC milling, involving electric motors and microcontrollers, based on the illustrations of Frans Masereel for 'La Révolte des Machines', a film script by Romain Rolland.

In June 1921, Masereel launched the idea of making a film on film. Enthusiastically, in July Rolland delivered a satire depicting the psychology of the masses and the Freudian ego in struggle with the Fordian nightmare of labour in the age of its technical reproducibility. For this machinist symphony entitled La Révolte des Machines ou la Pensée Déchaînée (The Revolt of the Machines or Unleashed Thought), engineer Masereel - like the demiurge Master of Machines - set about inventing a whole people of creatures with hearts of steel and feet of clay (car saws, cranes with skips, rail cranes, lifts, etc.). Masereel wasted no time in laying out the text and its xylograms. Although the limited edition of Le Sablier saw the light of day in December 1921, the books never left the cellar of the Kundig printing works. Rolland, who had paid for the print run out of his own pocket, did not want to publicise La Révolte before its film adaptation crossed the Atlantic. La Révolte des Machines did not reach the cinemas.
Rolland refused to release the Hourglass edition, but agreed to publish the illustrated screenplay in Vanity Fair magazine in 1923, then with The Dragon Press in 1932.

An Antwerp collector owns 29 of the 33 original woodcut blocks made by Masereel. The blocks will be shown in the exhibition along several 'blocks' by DDV. These blocks are 3D printed or CNC milled objects derived from AI generated images from the past two years. Also 33 large prints with AI generated 'Masereel' images will be shown.

Friday 27th of October 2023 -> Sunday 12th of November 2023 in S&S Galerie, Gijselsstraat 60, Borgerhout, Belgium.

Included works: Aviette, 18 à 20 ans, Le Maître des Machines, Martin Pilon dit Marteau Pilon, La Révolte des Machines 3x3 3Details, 33 Illustrations for La Révolte des Machines ou La Pensée Déchaînée de Frans Masereel, The 12 Faces of AI, Text To Image - 20220610-dannydevos-01 aka Antoni Gaudí, Text To Image - 20220514-dannydevos-02 aka Emma Goldman, Text To Image - 20220510-dannydevos-02 aka John Wayne Gacy, Text To Image - 20220421-dannydevos-02 aka Queen Elizabeth II, Text To Image - 20220413-dannydevos-01 aka Oskar Schlemmer, Text To Image - 20220329-dannydevos-01 aka Karen Quinlan, Text To Image - 20220316-dannydevos-01 aka Jerry Lewis, Text To Image - 20220309-dannydevos-01 aka Armin Meiwes, Text To Image - 20220308-dannydevos-02 aka Peggy March, Text To Image - 20220217-dannydevos-02 aka Paris Hilton, Text To Image - 20220215-dannydevos-02 aka Galilei Galileo, Text To Image - 20220213-dannydevos-03 aka Catherine Howard, Text To Image - 20220209-dannydevos-02 aka Gerhard Richter, Text To Image - 20220204-dannydevos-01 aka Alice Cooper, Text To Image - 20220204-dannydevos-01 aka Joseph Beuys, Text To Image - 20220203-dannydevos-01 aka Kenneth Anger, Text To Image - 20220203-dannydevos-01 aka John Cassavetes, Text To Image - 20220202-dannydevos-01 aka Boris Karloff, Text To Image - 20220120-dannydevos-02 aka Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, Text To Image - 20220112-dannydevos-02 aka Ronnie Spector, Text To Image - 20220108-dannydevos-01 aka Kurt Schwitters, Text To Image - 20220101-dannydevos-02 aka J. D. Salinger, Text To Image - 20211219-dannydevos-01 aka William Turner, Text To Image - 20211212-dannydevos-01 aka Albert Fish,

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