AI as an Agent of Change

In 2023, the KVAB Thinkers-in-residence Programme has reflected on the most recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence and on the question of their implications for our view of humanity: autonomy, self-determination, the need for a 'digital humanism'.

From strategic research and training needs to ethical challenges and outreach to the general public: we aimed to develop advice on new policy objectives for Flanders. During the symposium, our Thinker-in-Residence Helga Nowotny will present her findings and open the floor for questions and discussion. 

Recent advancements in AI have also strongly impacted the arts. This facet will also be highlighted, through  intriguing crossovers between AI and visual arts, poetry and music. 

A unique one-day exhibition with works from Danny Devos can be experienced the day of the final symposium, during registration at 9 am and during coffee and lunch breaks. 

AI & 'La revolte des machines ou la pensée déchaînée'

Visual artist Danny Devos explores the use of AI in art in an exhibition of works generated by Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Models resulting in sculptural objects produced by 3D printing and CNC milling, involving electric motors and microcontrollers, based on the illustrations of Frans Masereel for 'La Révolte des Machines'.

Danny Devos (°1959) lives in Antwerp but carries out his artistic endeavours the world over. Since 1979 he has carried out 160 performances in over 40 cities across 12 different countries. For nearly 40 years he has acted as performance, sound and “forensic” artist, purposefully making it his objective to remain a critical voice within and opposed to the art scene.

Impact of AI on art

Panel discussion with artists followed by a Q&A with the audience
Chair: Luc Steels (in Dutch)

  • Danny Devos, visual artist
  • Maarten Inghels, poet
  • Andrew Claes, musician
  • Kris Stroobants, conductor Frascati Symphonic

Monday 20th of November 2023 -> Monday 20th of November 2023 in KVAB - Paleis der Academiën, Hertogsstraat 1, Brussel, Belgium.

Included works: Aviette, 18 à 20 ans, Le Maître des Machines, Martin Pilon dit Marteau Pilon, La Révolte des Machines 3x3 3Details, 33 Illustrations for La Révolte des Machines ou La Pensée Déchaînée de Frans Masereel,

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