Between November 1961 and April 1962, American artist Andy Warhol created his famous series of paintings depicting Campell's Soup cans, and thus destroyed the firm border between advertisements and pieces of art.

In May 1962 Warhol was being featured in a Time magazine article "The Slice-of-Cake School" along with Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist. Warhol was the only artist whose photograph actually appeared in the article, which is indicative of his knack for manipulating the mass media.

Art dealer Irving Blum was shocked that Warhol had no gallery arrangement and offered him a July show at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. A letter from Blum to Warhol dated 9 June 1962 - 60 years ago today - set the exhibition opening for 9 July.

Since November 2021 Belgian artist Danny Devos is creating his famous series of 'Text-to-Image' works, destroying the idea of traditionally drawn or painted pieces of art by feeding text descriptions into a DeepAI Application Programming Interface to generate his pieces of art.

In May 2022 Devos placed a full-page advertisement in HART magazine. It appeared on page 1 without mentioning Devos' name, which is indicative of his knack for manipulating the mass media.

Devos is waiting for a letter from an art dealer to set an exhibition opening date.

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Advertisement, 31cm x 18cm.
Property of the artist.

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