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An image generated by an AI Style Transfer Application Programming Interface to commemorate a Climate Change protest action whereby two activists threw a can of Heinz Tomato Soup at Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' painting at the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom on Friday 14th of October 2022.

This image is available as a unique NFT or Non-Fungible Token that can be bought with Ethereum Crypto-currency on the OpenSea marketplace until 23 October 2022.

When Paul Gauguin agreed to visit Vincent Van Gogh in Arles in 1888, Van Gogh hoped for friendship and the realisation of his idea of an artists' collective. While waiting, in August he painted 'Sunflowers'
In preparation for Gauguin's visit, Van Gogh bought two beds on advice from the station's postal supervisor Joseph Roulin, whose portrait he painted. When Gauguin consented to work and live in Arles with him, Van Gogh started to work on the D├ęcoration for the Yellow House. He completed two chair paintings: Van Gogh's Chair and Gauguin's Chair.
After much pleading from Van GoghGauguin arrived in Arles on 23 October 1888 and, in November the two painted together. Gauguin depicted Van Gogh in his 'The Painter of Sunflowers'.

NFT digital image, cm x cm.
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