Five Cuts
# 063

19 Keys

Ik zat omgekeerd in de stoel van het kapsalon van ProduKtion-HAIR met mijn handen geboeid. Terwijl Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s Super8 film ‘19 Keys vs. 39 Steps’ werd geprojecteerd reciteerde ik de 19 Sleutels in het Enochiaans met mijn hoofd voorovergebogen in de gootsteen.

I was sitting backwards in the chair of the hairdressing salon of ProduKtion-HAIR handcuffed. While Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s Super8 film ‘19 Keys vs. 39 Steps’ was projected I recited the 19 Keys in Enochian with my head bent over in the sink.

“In the very small space of ProduKtion-HAIR I hung 10 transparant plastic folios on rubber wires. The folios hang in a certain order and represent the 19 Enochian Keys. These keys are each on one side of a folio presented by a combination of images of myself buildings people in hypnosis and trance. With the exhibition goes a film ‘19 Enochian Keys vs 39 Steps of A. Hitchcock’ in which I make a comparison between the demonic manner of filmmaking of A. Hitchcock on one hand and the 19 ways of evoking the devil on the other hand.” — AMVK 1983

on Monday 20th of June 1983 in Produktion HAIR, 49 Kensington High Street, London, United Kingdom.