curated by Sergio De Beukelaer

This group exhibition takes an 'installation' of PARALLEL.ONE and PARALLEL.TWO as a point of departure, both objects representing the vision which I believe engages with the ‘landscape’ in a purely abstract sense, even if there is a sense of ‘realism’ that always remains present; a number of surfaces and/or lines are derived directly from reality while others are added in a painterly fashion so as to enhance the spatial image ....
This ‘balanced installation’ which functions in an optical manner, is the mother ship or beating heart of the exhibition; the concept of parallels is approached in both a formal and conceptual manner, sometimes in both, sometimes just in one and sometimes the principle is eschewed entirely.

The exhibition may also include the questioning of its own premise...
Many similarities create cohesion and to no lesser degree an effect of ‘concept’ or ‘formal language’. The careful selection of the works creates a sense of coherence, even if this is not necessarily clearly formulated.

After discussions between gallerist and artist and vice versa, a ping-pong-like conversation ultimately led to the idea of ‘PARALLEL’.
It soon became clear that there were a number of similarities between the artists of the gallery and beyond ...
This was inspiring for both of us... the result is a vibrant exhibition with sometimes visible dialogues and sometimes hidden sculptural installations...

In an era of multimedia we thought it important to translate the metaphor of everyday reality and the sometimes-overwhelming virtual reality into a brilliant group exhibition.

Fred Bervoets - Guillaume Bijl - Sergio De Beukelaer- Luc Deleu - Willy De Sauter - Danny Devos - Niel Donckers - Filip Francis - Klaas Kloosterboer - Wesley Meuris - Hans Op de Beeck - Els Vanden Meersch - Kris Van Dessel - Herman Van Ingelgem - Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven - Andrew Webb

Saturday 16th of May 2015 -> Sunday 12th of July 2015 in Annie Gentils Gallery, Peter Benoitstraat 40, Antwerpen, Belgium.


Included works: Ulrike Meinfuchs, Gudrun Fuchslein, AndreVos Baader, Jan-Carl Voske,

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